Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Social Media/Social Bookmarking Sites

1. StumbleUpon: You?ll open your online presence up to a whole new audience just by adding the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser and ?channel surfing? the Web. You?ll connect with friends and share your new Website discoveries,? as well as ?meet people who have similar interests.? It?s loads of fun.

2. Articlesbase: Upload stories and articles on reddit to drive traffic to your website or blog. Submit items often so that you?ll gain a more loyal following and increase your online presence.

3. Social bookmark your way to better business with sites like, which invite users to organize and publicize interesting items through tagging and networking.

4. Digg: Digg has a massive following online because of its optimum usability. Visitors can submit and browse articles in categories like technology, business, entertainment, sports and many more.

5. Technorati: If you want to increase your blog?s readership, consider registering it with Technorati, a network of blogs and writers that lists top stories in categories like Business, Entertainment and Technology.

6. Ning: After hanging around the same social networks for a while, you may feel inspired to create your own, where you can bring together clients, vendors, customers and co-workers in a confidential, secure corner of the Web. Ning lets users design free social networks that they can share with anyone.

7. Squidoo: According to Squidoo, ?everyone?s an expert on something. Share your knowledge!? Share your industry?s secrets by answering questions and designing a profile page to help other members.

8. Furl: Make Furl ?your personal Web file? by bookmarking great sites and sharing them with other users by recommending links, commenting on articles and utilizing other fantastic features.

9. Tubearoo: This video network works like other social-bookmarking sites, except that it focuses on uploaded videos. Businesses can create and upload tutorials, commentaries and interviews with industry insiders to promote their own services.

10. WikiHow: Create a how-to guide or tutorial on wikiHow to share your company?s services with the public for free.

11. YouTube: From subjects like, ?How to dribble a basketball,? to naughty party boy ?Corey Delainey,? everyone has a video floating around on YouTube. Shoot a behind-the-scenes video from your company?s latest commercial or event to give customers and clients an idea of what you do each day and how you like to do it.

12. Ma.gnolia: Share your favorite sites with friends, colleagues and clients by organizing your bookmarks with Ma.gnolia. Clients will appreciate both your Internet-savviness and your ability to stay current and organized.

13. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular networking site where alumni, business associates, recent graduates and other professionals connect online.

14. Facebook: Facebook is no longer just for college kids who want to post their party pics. Businesses vie for advertising opportunities, event promotion and more on this social-networking site.

15. Once you?ve acquired a group of contacts in your city by networking on, organize an event so that you can meet face-to-face.

16. YorZ: This networking site doubles as a job site. Members can post openings for free to attract quality candidates.

17. Xing: An account with networking site Xing can ?open doors to thousands of companies.? Use the professional contact manager to organize your new friends and colleagues, and take advantage of the Business Accelerator application to ?find experts at the click of a button, market yourself in a professional context [and] open up new sales channels.?

18. Ecademy: Ecademy prides itself on ?connecting business people? through its online network, blog and message-board chats, as well as its premier BlackStar membership program, which awards exclusive benefits.

19. Care2: Care2 isn?t just a networking community for professionals: It?s touted as ?the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference.? If your business is making efforts to go green, let others know by becoming a presence on this site.

20. Gather: This networking community is made up of members who think. Browse categories concerning books, health, money, news and more to ignite discussions on politics, business and entertainment. This will help your company tap into its target audience and find out what they want.

21. Ryze: Ryze lets members organize contacts and friends; upcoming events; and even job, real-estate and roommate classifieds.

22. Tribe: Cities like Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, New York and Chicago have unique online communities on tribe. Users can search for favorite restaurants, events, clubs and more.

23. Ziggs: Ziggs is ?organizing and connecting people in a professional way.? Join groups and make contacts through your Ziggs account to increase your company?s presence online and further your own personal career.

24. Plaxo: Join Plaxo to organize your contacts and stay updated with feeds from Digg,, and more.

25. NetParty: If you want to attract young professionals in cities like Boston, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando Fla., create an account with the networking site NetParty. You?ll be able to connect with qualified, up-and-coming professionals online, then meet them at a real-life happy-hour event where you can pass out business cards, pitch new job openings and more.

26. Networking For Professionals: Networking For Professionals is another online community that combines the Internet with special events in the real world. Post photos, videos, rsum s and clips on your online profile while you meet new business contacts.

27. Naymz: A search engine optimised professional networking site which ranks out of ten, ones professional reputation amongst reviews from ones peers and those who know you.

28. SEO TAGG:SEO TAGG: Stay on top of news from the Web marketing and SEO (search-engine optimization) industries by becoming an active member of this online community.

29. Pixel Groovy: Web workers will love Pixel Groovy, an open-source site that lets members submit and rate tutorials for Web 2.0, email and online-marketing issues.

30. Mixx: Mixx prides itself on being ?your link to the Web content that really matters.? Submit and rate stories, photos and news to drive traffic to your own site. You?ll also meet others with similar interests.

31. Small Business Brief: When members post entrepreneur-related articles, a photo and a link to their profile appear, gaining you valuable exposure and legitimacy online.

32. Sphinn:Sphinn: Sphinn is an online forum and networking site for the Internet marketing crowd. Upload articles and guides from your blog to create interest in your own company or connect with other professionals for form new contacts.

33. This one-stop news resource is great for businesses that want to contribute articles on a variety of subjects, from the environment to politics to health.

34. HubSpot: HubSpot is another news site aimed at connecting business professionals.

35. Tweako: Gadget-minded computer geeks can network with each other on Tweako, a site that promotes information sharing for the technologically savvy.

36. Wikipedia: Besides creating your own business reference page on Wikipedia, you can connect with other users on Wikipedia?s Community Portal and at the village pump, where you?ll find conscientious professionals enthusiastic about news, business, research and more.

37. Newsvine: Feature top employees by uploading their articles, studies or other news-related items to this site. A free account will also get you your own column and access to the Newsvine community.

38. 43 Things: This site bills itself as ?the world?s most popular online goal setting community.? By publicizing your company?s goals and ambitions, you?ll gain a following of customers, investors and promoters who cheer you on as you achieve success.

39. Wetpaint: If you?re tired of blogs and generic Web sites, create your own wiki with Wetpaint to reach your audience and increase your company?s presence online. You can easily organize articles, contact information, photos and other information to promote your business.

40. Frappr: Embed a Frappr map and guestbook into your company?s Web page so that you can pinpoint exactly how users find your site, discover in real-time what they have to say about your company profile and services, and create an ?interactive, fun and engaging? spot for visitors.

41. Yahoo! Answers: Start fielding Yahoo! users? questions with this social-media Q&A service. Search for questions in your particular areas of expertise by clicking categories like Business & Finance, Health, News & Events and more. If you continue to dole out useful advice and link your answer to your company?s Web page, you?ll quickly gain a new following of curious customers.

42. Mycareer: A popular source of jobs for the job hunter in Australia. Owned by Fairfax media who bring us the Sydney Morning Herald everyday. Post your CV for recruiters to find. Get detailed personality type information.

43. SEEK: Australia?s #1 recruitment, career and employment site. It has special sections for 100k plus executives and offers helpful tools and job hunting sector statistics.

44. If your firm wants to hire promising entry-level employees, check for candidates with college degrees.

45. Monster: Post often to separate your business from all the other big companies that use this site to advertise job openings.

46. Sologig: Top freelancers and contractors post r�sum�s and look for work on this popular site.

47. This site ?offers self-employed small business owners links to freelance & work at home job boards, self-promotion tips? and more.

48. Freelance Switch Job Listings: Freelance Switch is the freelancer?s online mecca and boasts articles, resource toolboxes, valuable tips and a job board.

49. GoFreelance: Employers looking to boost their vendor base should check GoFreelance for professionals in the writing, design, editing and Web industries.

50. Reach millions of candidates by posting jobs on this must-visit site.

51. Career Journal: The Wall Street Journal?s Career Journal attracts well-educated professionals who are at the top of their game. Post a job or search r�sum�s here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Google policy make Google Docs more public

New Google policy make Google Docs more publicGoogle has announced a new policy which will make Google Documents files such as text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations more likely to appear in public searches.

Google has changed the way in which certain Web documents created with Google Docs applications, will be handled by search engines, including Google’s own. A Google blog said that “in about two weeks, we will be launching a change for published docs. The change will allow published docs that are linked to from a public Web site to be crawled and indexed, which means they can appear in search results you see on and other search engines…This is a very exciting change, as your published docs linked to from public Web sites will reach a much wider audience of people.”

The only documents which will be so indexed, according to the blog posting, are those which are published using the the ‘Publish as Web page’ or ‘Publish/embed’ options, and those which are linked from a public Web page. Many Google Docs documents, of course, are published specifically to reach the widest audiences and thus the new rules will be good news since they will bring a larger readership, according to a CNET article.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Google Developing Micropayments And Subscription System To Save Newspapers

Google (GOOG) is developing an online subscription and micropayment system that will enable online content providers to more easily charge for their content.

We're skeptical that consumers will want to pay on a per-page basis for online content, but we're big believers in the subscription model. Google's planned system, which the company described in a proposal to the Newspaper Association of America (embedded below), emphasizes subscriptions but enables micropayments as well.

Within the next year, we expect that hundreds of newspapers and magazines that currently give away their content for free online will start charging in one way or another. The scale and distribution of Google's planned system could greatly facilitate that.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caffein explain By Matt Cutts

An SES event is always a good place to run into those in the industry who can give you that little bit of extra information on a specific topic. When it comes to Google, Matt Cutts is someone you like to run into at a SES because he is always willing to explain and talk.

Last week he sat down with WebProNews and talked about Caffeine and what webmasters should be looking at. The only thing that was missing seemed to be a cup of coffee, and Matts’ haircut offcourse…

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook going Lite to take on Twitter

Seems a lighter version of Facebook is on the cards. The world's no. 1 the social-networking site has sent out invitations to select

users to beta test the site, termed Facebook Lite

According to TechCrunch, it has been inundated with social networkers who have been asked to try out Facebook Lite saying that, surprise, it is more Twitter-like.

The message sent out to beta testers reads, "You have been selected as a beta tester for Facebook Lite! We are building a faster, simpler version of Facebook that we call Facebook Lite. It's not finished yet and we have plenty of kinks to work out, but we would love to get your feedback on what we have built so far."

Check out Facebook Lite now at

Facebook recently announced that it is buying FriendFeed, an up-and-coming social media startup, that allows people to share content online in real time across various social networks and blogs.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Google Earth Admits Goof-up on Arunachal

Google Earth Admits Goof-up on Arunachal

Google has admitted that it committed a mistake by wrongly depicting certain parts of north-east India's Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory, and promised to correct the maps soon.
According to a statement by a Google spokesperson, "Earlier this week, as part of routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data."

There was speculation in media circles that Chinese hackers had attacked Google Earth which led to the wrong depiction of Indian territory as Chinese in the maps on google Earth. "We would like to clarify that this issue did not impact our depiction of international borders," the Google spokesperson said.

Google Earth is a service offered by Google that lets users to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings.

Google Earth had earlier been in the center of another controversy when Indian security agencies had complained that Google Earth exposed Indian defense and other sensitive installations.

And techtree.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Priyanka has 21,770 followers on Twitter

New Delhi (IANS): Priyanka Chopra has got as many as 21,770 followers on social networking site Twitter within a month, overtaking Mallika Sherawat and Gul Panag. And the credit goes to her regular updates.

The 27-year-old actress, who is currently down with fever, catches up with her 'Tweeps' (Twitter friends) while in the car, on a shoot or when she is lounging around. The list of her 21,770 followers exceeds those of Mallika Sherawat and Gul Panag, who are equally in love with the site, said a source close to the actress.

While Gul has 12,917 people following her updates, Mallika lags behind with 11,199.

Priyanka has also cashed in on her online popularity with "The 'Kaminey' Contest" on her Webpage. The contest requires interested participants to answer three questions regarding the movie.

The winners will get a personally autographed audio CD of the movie, in which Priyanka has teamed up with Shahid Kapoor.

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