Monday, September 21, 2009

New Google policy make Google Docs more public

New Google policy make Google Docs more publicGoogle has announced a new policy which will make Google Documents files such as text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations more likely to appear in public searches.

Google has changed the way in which certain Web documents created with Google Docs applications, will be handled by search engines, including Google’s own. A Google blog said that “in about two weeks, we will be launching a change for published docs. The change will allow published docs that are linked to from a public Web site to be crawled and indexed, which means they can appear in search results you see on and other search engines…This is a very exciting change, as your published docs linked to from public Web sites will reach a much wider audience of people.”

The only documents which will be so indexed, according to the blog posting, are those which are published using the the ‘Publish as Web page’ or ‘Publish/embed’ options, and those which are linked from a public Web page. Many Google Docs documents, of course, are published specifically to reach the widest audiences and thus the new rules will be good news since they will bring a larger readership, according to a CNET article.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Google Developing Micropayments And Subscription System To Save Newspapers

Google (GOOG) is developing an online subscription and micropayment system that will enable online content providers to more easily charge for their content.

We're skeptical that consumers will want to pay on a per-page basis for online content, but we're big believers in the subscription model. Google's planned system, which the company described in a proposal to the Newspaper Association of America (embedded below), emphasizes subscriptions but enables micropayments as well.

Within the next year, we expect that hundreds of newspapers and magazines that currently give away their content for free online will start charging in one way or another. The scale and distribution of Google's planned system could greatly facilitate that.

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