Monday, August 4, 2008

10 Most Basic SEO Copywriting Rules

  1. “SEO Services SEO Company India Search Engine Optimization (SEO) India” as a title, are you kidding me? I’m not a bot , I won’t click that, use a page per keyword ideally. Especially if your closest competitors are “SEO Company India, SEO Firm, SEO India, Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Services India” and “SEO India, SEO Services India, SEO Company India, SEO Services, SEO India”
  2. Do not call yourself a “SEO Expert” I won’t believe you anyways. If you’re one others will tell me.
  3. Make sure to write a little about the place you’re from and the SEO market there if you insist on “Search Engine Optimization Los Angeles, SEO Los Angeles, Los Angeles Company SEO”
  4. Are you offering “SEO, SEM and PPC“? So why the hell should I hire you instead of the myriad of others who offer exactly the same stuff? Offer something unique or at least use a different angle in describing it.
  5. Do not overload your page/s with copy. My eyes hurt! Make it scrollable, hide and show (I don’t mean “hidden text”) on demand.
  6. Use images and text otherwise I will bounce.
  7. SEO, SEM, PPC, ROI, WTF? Don’t use more acronyms than the average spy.
  8. Use a memorable slogan like “An SEO Services Provider You Can Trust“
  9. Mention real people with real names instead of anonymous “SEO experts” or cool sounding company and brand names. People trust other people unless you are the Coca Cola of SEO.
  10. Remember that SEO etc. is the means not the goal. So do not focus on what you do but what the outcome will be and try to convey the message. Btw, what is the goal of SEO? Rankings? Traffic? Conversions? Sales? ROI? It’s higher profits.

This should suffice for the beginning. I’m afraid most SEO copywriters won’t learn very fast though. So support these rules by not paying attention to those who fail to abide by them.

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