Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Google Insights: Web Trends

Google has launched a new Google Trends like service called Google Insights for Search.
The service allows you to specify a couple of terms and let Google show you the search volume for these mapped over time (from 2004 to this year), with search frequencies displayed on a world heat map.
Does it sound like just another Google Trends like program? Indeed it does, and you get to wonder why Google is rolling out a secondary product in this area instead of simply upgrading the existing google trends. Google’s VP of Search, Marissa Mayer once talked about the San Angeles strategy to merge existing initiatives and services of Google wherever possible to make it easier on the user. But right now this doesn’t really represent that approach. However near in the future these two programs may be merged eventually.
At the moment, Insights for Search may be slightly more targeted towards advertisers with Google according to Google AdWords blog. Google Insight has something called categories (a.k.a verticals) to restrict your terms to a certain niche market. It also shows top searches and top rising searches in the neighborhood of keywords you enter. Overall, this seems to be a huge extension to Google Trends, Google Ad Planner, and the tools available within AdWords to advertisers.

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